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RP architecture & urban design . IDcs is also at the forefront of innovative housing design and future proofing of extra care facilities, such as in the social housing sector. We are currently working on innovative solutions to meet the differing codes of sustainable homes with contemporary design.


. Housing 

Housing is a central topic of urban planning and architecture. Private and Public sector. Housing & Controlled Costs.


. Education

Throughout our network of offices, our locally based education teams have been involved in the delivery of a vast range of education projects from Children's Centers through to academies, colleges and universities. Our understanding and experience in this field covers the entire life cycle of built assets, from the initial concept through feasibility, design, procurement and construction as well as on going asset and facilities management. This means that we can deliver considerable value for our clients.


. Retail Areas

RP architecture & urban design . IDcs, provides customer-focused solutions for businesses through a range of consultancy services.  We have extensive experience in dealing with retail, industrial and office/commercial premises for our clients. Our staff combine a clear understanding of our clients’ needs with a wide-ranging commercial acumen, to help local businesses to thrive and grow.


. Health care

Privatization of the health sector has led to increasing competition among hospitals and clinics. With aging infrastructures, health care facilities seem to constantly be in "construction mode." When managing health care construction projects, our facility professionals are often faced for new challenges.


. Offices & Services

The design of commercial and office properties plays in essential part in the international competition for the economic development of cities.


. Industrial Equipment

Industrial Project Equipment uses a methodical approach to planning and guiding project processes from start to finish. Our project management process starts from initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. A successful project depends on a successful project and field management team which is one of our primary means of achievement.


. Hotels & Resorts 

Hotels & Resorts's three brands come to fruition in many ways. Today's business realities demand a thorough consideration of all development scenarios, and a hotel leader well-versed in expediting numerous project types. Based on project specifics, location and budget, we have a product that will meet client needs, surpass expectations and attract exclusive audience.


. Ecotourism

The aim of Ecotourism Projects is to reduce environmental impact that comes with mass tourism and its vast, often resource-heavy, infrastructure. This impact reduction includes using locally available, often traditional and, at other times, recycled materials and supporting designs of infrastructure that are environmentally friendly and that fit within traditions and sensibilities of local culture. Minimizing impact also means controlling numbers and acceptable behaviors of tourists.


. Sports and Leisure

We provide a wide range of sports and leisure projects for buildings, ranging from a Village Halls and Scout huts, to a multi-million pound Community Center for Sports, Arts and Museums. We have an experienced team prepared to help and support the client needs agreeing with the brief and initial design to a realized work.


. Car Parking

Conversion measures and renovation projects for historical buildings are among the challenges we face in modern times. The most important aspect of this work is to preserve the buildings, which are almost inevitably used in ways not originally intended. As soon as deluxe apartments and business offices are planned, the question of where to park arises. Finding a solution is very difficult when additional space does not immediately present itself. Innovative parking systems make the impossible possible, even for renovation projects of how we were able to meet parking requirements in real-world situations.


. Planning

- Urban Planning

- Detail Plan

- Plot Plan

- Infrastructures Coordination